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nine reasons to pray before sex

1) praying in a natural way invokes God more. E.g. Praying naked

2) remains couple of the love they share for each other and for church.

3)request a particular child – pray to God to help direct the preferred chromosome to the female vary so preferred child is born

4) condom; pray against unwanted pregnancy .fi you are without condom

5)great sex; pray against failed erection..angel should guide the man with more sex energy

6 prayer without ceasing ; pray when eat,sleep,wake. Sex isn’t different.

7) god created sex;thank him for that

8)complete ;thank God that your sex body organ is complete and intact.

9) just in case she is winch,prayer neutralizes the power


What if men got pregnant?

I overheard ladies chating on this issue and it got me thinking. What if the child birth function was transfered to men. What if men get pregnantCan men really bear the burden of pregnancy for nine months?

Men can bear the pain but wouldnt like to. Nine month is way to long. No man wants to be tied down to a project for a long time. Men like to be on the move. If men were pregnant, there ought to be a shortcut. Scientist would have discovered a way to reduce gestation period to a month.

Since men crave for sex so much that they forget the use of protection, the rate of unwanted pregnancy would be high. The pregnancy would be lost even before it reachess one-month old. Dont expect him to stop drinking beer during pregnancy. Infact beer would be taking along side pills to prevent developmentof the child.
Abortion would be legally advertised.

God has his reasons .