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8 kinds of men men who patronise prostitutes

1) pastors

some pastors travel far away from their church where members dont catch them and hire prostitutes. Some only engage in missionary style with their wives as other styles will make them look “unchrist like” so they patronise harlots.some gain their healing powers diabolically by having sex with many people

have a problem hiding their datelife from the public.the media seems to monitor their movement. So,they ask their personal assistant to coordinate a slut and direct her in their hideout.

3)goverment workers/politicians

do you know that a percentage of goverment money is spent on prostitution.dont be suprised? The permanent secretaries and commisioners need to relax having spent several nights on numerous night meeting.

4) rich-go to the junction where sluts will see various kinds of jeep there. The rich spend time away from home away from else will they keep their device erect.

5) poor ; mathematically belive that it is cheaper to patronise one than to date a girl. They spend hours negotiating

6) single ; they are planing to get married but yet to make enough money. So prostitute can be hired momentrilty to satisfy sex urge.widows also belong here

7) married:fleamsy excuses and wife complaints push married men to the street.

8) addicts ; cant spend a day without two rounds. Patner is tired and can keet to his demands so he steps outside.

Summary;all kinds off men