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i5 types of prostitutes in nigeria

1) street workers ; we all know them
2)call..girls/social networks;present in 2go,facebook,wassap. Chat with you ,swap numbers.ask her to come pay you a visit and she names her price.

3) agents; cult girls are hired by cult leaders to sleep with big men while cult leader takes the cash to run the society.

4)sexchatters; secondry school students who dont have credit send nude pics and videos in exchange for credit.

5)multiple daters; multiple dating = accepted prostitute

6)clubs/brothels/beer parlour=
club in lag where they dance naked. She bends her ass on your joystick and rubs her hand on it till its errect…when you cant hold it any more,she demands for her price.

7)door knockers; at suleja close to niger state, a girl knocked at my door and asked me if i want her services. Hmm….my reply was (not your buisnes)

8)holy tappers; some people belive that by having sex with multiple pastors ,we tap their annoiting.a pastor fingering you is washing away your sins.

9) marketers(bankers);
any bank that asks a new employee to get costumers worth 30million in a year or loose your jobis indirectly telling her to sell herself if the need arises.

10)actress/musicians/models; upcoming actress with no connection may end up sleeping with directors for a role.
Upcoming musicians sleep with record label owners .

11)opportunists; descent girls. Who spot a mugu are tempted to be a harlot for night. Imagine a rich politician hits on you with #50,000 offer for 30minutes encounter, will you not recieve share of national cake.

12)needy ;landlord tells you to park out or open legs. Lecturer tells an olodo,fail or open legs.drud addict sexs drug supplier constantly.


14)rich prostitutes; a comfortable girl who needs to dine with politicians for connection purposes may end up sleeping her way through.

15)virgen prostitutes ; poor pastor daughters who let guys touch every part of their body for money except their hymen.

What group do you belong