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an analysis of relationship between dating and prostitution

The common attribute of dating and prostitution is sex and money

You meet a girl,talk to her swap numbers, fix a date.

Reason, you want to know her so you can bleep her

date time, ;buy her food and drink,ask for another date, give her gift..third date ; talking like and love,boyfrnd …fourth date ; hugs, kiss

fifth date; invite her to your house, intention of sex

your house ; touch, kiss, sex.if she refuses sex, you dont give her money. If she agrees , after sex,she expects compensation from you which includes transport fare sex fare.

Why do girls go on dates,date place without transport fare.

Why is guy responsible for majority of expenses during date?

Why arent feminism advocating equality in splitting dates expenses?

Simple, dating is just accepted prostitution.

Dating=pretence of love,
prostitution= no love

dating; minimum of 1month to know each other before sex
prostitution; minimum of 10minutes for negotiation

dating; spend minimim of #5,000 before sex

prostitution; minimum of #1;5o0 before sex

dating; enjoyment and possibility of marriage

prostitution;job for survival

dating ;accepted by society
prostitution; illegal

girls date for money.guys date for sex.prostitute sex for money.

Call a girl”cheap”,she gets angry
call her “expensive” she is ok.
So how much makes the difference?

Dating = love sex money ………
Prostitute=sex money

hence=dating =love prostitute ……..