women shouldn’t be men distraction

See, there’s nothing wrong with hitting on girls and all that, but there’s everything wrong when those girls become the focus of your life. One of the questions I always hear guys ask; “What should I do to get her/to keep her?”
The moment you begin asking such questions, that should serve as an indicator that something is not right. All men that went on to be great, they didn’t make women the focus of their lives, the women were simply a compliment to their life.
So I always tell guys that go out and create a life so good, and let women simply be enhancers to that life, not the main objective of that life.
Women must always take a backseat to a man’s passions, and hobbies. So to all young men, don’t spend your time chasing girls. Invest it by putting it into interests and desires. I am a proponent of the build it and it will attract whatever you desire.
So, you want an intelligent woman? Focus on being intelligent yourself.
You want a woman who’s in shape? Focus on improving your body, keeping in shape yourself.
Focus on improving yourself. Focus on making your life better. Girls should come as a compliment or a bonus to a life well-built. They should never be the centre of that life.
That’s what it means to be a Man-a Don Juan.
So, I think you must have a passion, an ambition, something you believe in, an end goal that surpasses mere existence and having lots of girls or whatever. You must first of all create a life that you enjoy, a life that makes you happy, even without having a girl in it. Once you get on this course of pursuing greater passions, then you will instantly become attractive to girls and you will be the prize they strive to win.


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