i preffer a slutty wife

1)more experienced

2)freedom to cheat-she can cheat on me.i can cheat on her.

3)we can watch pornography together and practice a new style

4)i must not always be on top.i may be tired from work and ask her to keep me company ssexually


There are two categories of ladies.-the virgens and the sluts.
The virgens have never had sex.the sluts have had sex.it doesnt matter if its one or twenty men.sex is sex.

While the prostitutes are straight forward, other girls are hypocrites and tend to conceal their sex urge.

5)sluts are fashionable
no harlot ties wrapper immediately after marriage.somehow,their breasts dont sag even after breastfeeding seven kids.

6) girls are boring. Sluts are not.they are adventrous.. She can say interesting stuff, and make jokes, and get jokes, and be a part of the conversation

7) they are no finacial burden.when things are going down, they source their own money and help family



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