i5 things only nurses understand

1.Make life-and-death decisions for 7 people based on a 5-minute shift report?

2. Get yelled by a physicianfor forgetting one thing when you have remembered 100 other things?

Have to know the etiology, classification, dosage, side effects, contraindications, and compatibility for 18,000 different medications?

Spend 12 hours on your feet only to be told by your personal physician that you need to get more exercise?

Being a nurse, find yourself choosing a personal physician based on how nice he or she is to nurses?

Go to work when it’s still dark outside and leave work when it is again dark outside?

Get floated to some random area of the hospital where you have received zero training and be expected to carry the load of a nurse who has worked the unit for 20 years

. Consider a chair at the nurses’ stationsomething worth fighting for?

Know your patients by their diagnoses and/or their room numbers rather than their names?

. Learn how to take a manual blood pressure in 15 seconds flat?

care for a patient who has had an abortion, when the nurse considers abortion murder?

a patient wants to stop eating, but the nurse knows the consequences will harm the patient. Does the nurse have the “right” to force the patient to eat?

a family insists telling the patient the prognosis will cause harm? How can a nurse know if this is true? Does the patient have the right to know?

Another dilemma involves the distribution of resources.Who should get the limited resources?

what should a nurse do when a patient is admitted to the hospital that desperately needs a transfusion to live but has the belief that transfusions are unacceptable? The nurse knows this patient will die without the transfusion


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