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nine reasons to pray before sex

1) praying in a natural way invokes God more. E.g. Praying naked

2) remains couple of the love they share for each other and for church.

3)request a particular child – pray to God to help direct the preferred chromosome to the female vary so preferred child is born

4) condom; pray against unwanted pregnancy .fi you are without condom

5)great sex; pray against failed erection..angel should guide the man with more sex energy

6 prayer without ceasing ; pray when eat,sleep,wake. Sex isn’t different.

7) god created sex;thank him for that

8)complete ;thank God that your sex body organ is complete and intact.

9) just in case she is winch,prayer neutralizes the power


i5 types of prostitutes in nigeria

1) street workers ; we all know them
2)call..girls/social networks;present in 2go,facebook,wassap. Chat with you ,swap numbers.ask her to come pay you a visit and she names her price.

3) agents; cult girls are hired by cult leaders to sleep with big men while cult leader takes the cash to run the society.

4)sexchatters; secondry school students who dont have credit send nude pics and videos in exchange for credit.

5)multiple daters; multiple dating = accepted prostitute

6)clubs/brothels/beer parlour=
club in lag where they dance naked. She bends her ass on your joystick and rubs her hand on it till its errect…when you cant hold it any more,she demands for her price.

7)door knockers; at suleja close to niger state, a girl knocked at my door and asked me if i want her services. Hmm….my reply was (not your buisnes)

8)holy tappers; some people belive that by having sex with multiple pastors ,we tap their annoiting.a pastor fingering you is washing away your sins.

9) marketers(bankers);
any bank that asks a new employee to get costumers worth 30million in a year or loose your jobis indirectly telling her to sell herself if the need arises.

10)actress/musicians/models; upcoming actress with no connection may end up sleeping with directors for a role.
Upcoming musicians sleep with record label owners .

11)opportunists; descent girls. Who spot a mugu are tempted to be a harlot for night. Imagine a rich politician hits on you with #50,000 offer for 30minutes encounter, will you not recieve share of national cake.

12)needy ;landlord tells you to park out or open legs. Lecturer tells an olodo,fail or open legs.drud addict sexs drug supplier constantly.


14)rich prostitutes; a comfortable girl who needs to dine with politicians for connection purposes may end up sleeping her way through.

15)virgen prostitutes ; poor pastor daughters who let guys touch every part of their body for money except their hymen.

What group do you belong

8 kinds of men men who patronise prostitutes

1) pastors

some pastors travel far away from their church where members dont catch them and hire prostitutes. Some only engage in missionary style with their wives as other styles will make them look “unchrist like” so they patronise harlots.some gain their healing powers diabolically by having sex with many people

have a problem hiding their datelife from the public.the media seems to monitor their movement. So,they ask their personal assistant to coordinate a slut and direct her in their hideout.

3)goverment workers/politicians

do you know that a percentage of goverment money is spent on prostitution.dont be suprised? The permanent secretaries and commisioners need to relax having spent several nights on numerous night meeting.

4) rich-go to the junction where sluts will see various kinds of jeep there. The rich spend time away from home away from else will they keep their device erect.

5) poor ; mathematically belive that it is cheaper to patronise one than to date a girl. They spend hours negotiating

6) single ; they are planing to get married but yet to make enough money. So prostitute can be hired momentrilty to satisfy sex urge.widows also belong here

7) married:fleamsy excuses and wife complaints push married men to the street.

8) addicts ; cant spend a day without two rounds. Patner is tired and can keet to his demands so he steps outside.

Summary;all kinds off men

why is prostitution illegal?

main moral concern about prostitution is that it is exploitative.

Of course, almost all other jobs are exploitative in this fashion. Think, for example, of how much the typical worker gets paid and how much profits the industry in question makes.

Of course, profit can also be made by exploiting the customer or the supplier of raw materials. But, profit by its very nature seems to require exploitation-someone has to be getting less than what they deserve.

Of course, if all exploitation is wrong, then almost all jobs would be immoral.

reason that prostitution is regarded as immoral is that it is supposed to be degrading to the prostitute In most cases, this is true. To treat someone as mere sexual object is to fail to respect their worth as human being.

Of course, many jobs are degrading and are still considered morally acceptable. For example, cleaning people’s toilets or working as a servant can be regarded as degrading. Working in a sweatshop is also degrading. In fact, a case could be made that most employment involves some attack on human dignity. Of course, the degree of degradation varies widely. But, if some degradation is morally acceptable, then prostitution that falls within that range would also be acceptable.
This, obviously enough, raises the question as to whether prostitution can be non-degrading or at least acceptably degrading.

i preffer a slutty wife

1)more experienced

2)freedom to cheat-she can cheat on me.i can cheat on her.

3)we can watch pornography together and practice a new style

4)i must not always be on top.i may be tired from work and ask her to keep me company ssexually


There are two categories of ladies.-the virgens and the sluts.
The virgens have never had sex.the sluts have had doesnt matter if its one or twenty is sex.

While the prostitutes are straight forward, other girls are hypocrites and tend to conceal their sex urge.

5)sluts are fashionable
no harlot ties wrapper immediately after marriage.somehow,their breasts dont sag even after breastfeeding seven kids.

6) girls are boring. Sluts are not.they are adventrous.. She can say interesting stuff, and make jokes, and get jokes, and be a part of the conversation

7) they are no finacial burden.when things are going down, they source their own money and help family


an analysis of relationship between dating and prostitution

The common attribute of dating and prostitution is sex and money

You meet a girl,talk to her swap numbers, fix a date.

Reason, you want to know her so you can bleep her

date time, ;buy her food and drink,ask for another date, give her gift..third date ; talking like and love,boyfrnd …fourth date ; hugs, kiss

fifth date; invite her to your house, intention of sex

your house ; touch, kiss, sex.if she refuses sex, you dont give her money. If she agrees , after sex,she expects compensation from you which includes transport fare sex fare.

Why do girls go on dates,date place without transport fare.

Why is guy responsible for majority of expenses during date?

Why arent feminism advocating equality in splitting dates expenses?

Simple, dating is just accepted prostitution.

Dating=pretence of love,
prostitution= no love

dating; minimum of 1month to know each other before sex
prostitution; minimum of 10minutes for negotiation

dating; spend minimim of #5,000 before sex

prostitution; minimum of #1;5o0 before sex

dating; enjoyment and possibility of marriage

prostitution;job for survival

dating ;accepted by society
prostitution; illegal

girls date for money.guys date for sex.prostitute sex for money.

Call a girl”cheap”,she gets angry
call her “expensive” she is ok.
So how much makes the difference?

Dating = love sex money ………
Prostitute=sex money

hence=dating =love prostitute ……..

i5 things only nurses understand

1.Make life-and-death decisions for 7 people based on a 5-minute shift report?

2. Get yelled by a physicianfor forgetting one thing when you have remembered 100 other things?

Have to know the etiology, classification, dosage, side effects, contraindications, and compatibility for 18,000 different medications?

Spend 12 hours on your feet only to be told by your personal physician that you need to get more exercise?

Being a nurse, find yourself choosing a personal physician based on how nice he or she is to nurses?

Go to work when it’s still dark outside and leave work when it is again dark outside?

Get floated to some random area of the hospital where you have received zero training and be expected to carry the load of a nurse who has worked the unit for 20 years

. Consider a chair at the nurses’ stationsomething worth fighting for?

Know your patients by their diagnoses and/or their room numbers rather than their names?

. Learn how to take a manual blood pressure in 15 seconds flat?

care for a patient who has had an abortion, when the nurse considers abortion murder?

a patient wants to stop eating, but the nurse knows the consequences will harm the patient. Does the nurse have the “right” to force the patient to eat?

a family insists telling the patient the prognosis will cause harm? How can a nurse know if this is true? Does the patient have the right to know?

Another dilemma involves the distribution of resources.Who should get the limited resources?

what should a nurse do when a patient is admitted to the hospital that desperately needs a transfusion to live but has the belief that transfusions are unacceptable? The nurse knows this patient will die without the transfusion