ways the bible will literally drive you insane

1. You will believe in imaginary beings.And I don’t just mean one all powerful, all loving father figure in the sky who never does anything or helps anyone. You’ll believe in an evil tyrant who lives in a lake of fire and plots against you all day for no reason.

Prayer only accomplishes one thing.The Bible teaches that if you believe in Yahweh with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind then you’ll have the power to move mountains and be immune to poison. Basically you’ll have magical powers.

It teaches you to feel guilty about the wrong things.Humans are sexual creatures. In a sense, having sex is the most important thing you’ll ever do because it ensures the survival and evolution of the species. That’s why sex feels so good. Our bodies are designed that way, and if God designed us then God designed us that way. Sex is a biological commandment. Yet the Bible basically tells us that sex is evil and we should feel ashamed for wanting to have sex…much less having it with anyone except the one person we marry a

6. It teaches you not to accept responsibility for your actions.The Bible teaches that if you believe it then you’ll get to go to Heaven. In theological circles there’s some debate about whether or not good works are needed in addition to faith, but children don’t understand the Bible well enough or have the critical thinking skills to raise or explore that deep of a theological question. So as far as they (and most adults) are likely to be concerned, once you believe the story in the Bible you get to go Heaven.

7. It teaches you that your self-worth is based on believing in a story.The determining factor between what makes someone deserve to burn for eternity and what makes someone deserve paradise for eternity is believing in a story. Believing in a story doesn’t have anything to do with anything

7. 8. It teaches that everyone else is bad.The teachings in the Bible continue to rob you of an accurate perception of reality because it teaches that everyone who isn’t a Christian is a bad person…sobad in fact that they deserve to be tortured for all of eternity. Moreover, all the evil non-Christians asked for it; they chose to be separated from the light and embrace darkness and evil.

9. It teaches you that you’re a good person.The Bible teaches that if you take part in Christianity’s indoctrination rituals they will transform you into a higher form of life who deserves eternal peace and joy. The message of eternal salvation contradicts the Bible’s teachings on original sin, because even after you’re saved you’re still a sinner until you die.

10. The Bible teaches you that you’re a bad person.The Bible teaches you that we’re all sinners who deserve to burn in hell, and even our righteousness is like filthy rags to God. Why are we bad people? Because Adam’s rib-clone ate a magic apple given to her by a talking snake in the Garden of Evil.

Wise sloth


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