in defence of Maheeda the prostitute gospel singer

When i saw the caption of the prostitute turned gospel artist, i was about condeming her like thousands of us did. But i took time and read the news in full, this time,i became less judgemental.
Instead of blaming her,i blamed the society.

First,she was orphaned-
no help came her way. Where are those who enrich their pastors in the name of tithe. If you had diverted such funds into aiding orphans like this, she wouldnt have turned a prostitute. Since the society couldnt help her,she had to help herself

we should blame the men who had the mind to sleep with a teenage girl young enough to be their daughter.why didnt they adopt her as their daughter. They sleep with her privately and condem her publicly.

She had sex at young age to feed, most of us have food,shelter, etc,yet we still have sex before marriage.
Whether you have a boyfriend or not,anyone who has sex with two or more persons without being married is a prostitute.

She mistakenly got pregnant.if she had aborted it,the society will yell at her. She chose to keep it, still we condemn her.

She kept the baby.not one of us deemed it neccessary to help the child. We let her carry her cross alone.

It only took a good hearted foreigner to assist her while we criticised her.the oyibo man married her despite her waywordness.
Here is someone we call sinner getting married. How many of we self proclaimed righteous girls are married.?
“Born againsss”Desperately jumping from church to church in search of husband yet a fornicator got married to a rich foreigner while prostituting. Isnt that a lesson for us.

Is she a gospel singer,?that is left for her and her are not her God so dont judge her.
We all know that a rehabillitated addicted smoker will still have the uurge to light a stick. Sometimes he may succomb,othertimes he may not

She supports prostitution …well i also support fornication. If we have spent millions trying to curb it ,yet we practice it, why dont we legalise it and tax it to support goverment revenue.


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