prostitution shhould be taxed and legalised

We continue to play the morality card once prostitution is mentioned, yet the trade is much alive and flourishing. As much as we may want to back bench it in our minds and pussyfoot it’s here to stay and the players/traders can’t & mustn’t be categorized in the minimum wage earners bracket. Some of them earn more than 20 thousand naira a night. How many of you earn such an amount in a month? In the upmarket, brothels are sprouting on daily basis,

The trade is expanding at an alarming rate with new young girls and boys being recruited as the old ones pack their goodies and go home. With unemployment having been on the rise for a while now and the government doing nothing to remedy the situation; college and universities graduates are being sucked in this muck. Young college girls and boys barely out of their teens aren’t spared either. A page is on Facebook with over 50,000 likes advertising young divas/ girls who are ready to sell their bodies to rich men. I don’t blame, with the way thing are, you complete your bachelor’s degree earning a first class honor in your major only to’ job seek’ for eternity and eventually rotting away or maybe some lucky ones secure jobs where the going starting rate is 30,000 monthly.

The more we resist the idea of prostitution (‘Enjoy as you earn) being legalized the more it’s expanding and the clientele list is running to infinity. It’s arguably spot-on to say that we are the people who encourage it.

The people who condemn prostitution vehemently are the same people who slither their way to get some.

Tax in any given country is remitted from every income earned. And it’s unjust to burdensome earners leaving others enjoying a tax free income because their trade is labeled illegal. It’s high time the commercial sex earners start declaring their income and filing tax returns. Needful to say they access the amenities we strain so hard to pay for; the street they stand on at night , the street light post they lean on ,the eco toilets, the police man keeping them safe etcetera, are all there because we paid for them. They should pay tax and in upshot to that; for any commercial sex worker to pay tax; she/he must come out and register with KRA stating his/her occupation. In the long run friends, families and the society at large will come to know what they do for a living and who would want that? I agree there are some dare devils who wouldn’t mind but I bet a big number of them will shy away from the streets and the prostitution trade may die a natural death

If you can’t curb it, legalize it and tax it.


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