the hardest thing to do

When you think of something that’s “difficult,” what is the first thing that you think of?
Is it speaking for the first time in front of a large audience, quitting a lifelong habit of smoking, or dealing with a soul-destroying bully boss…

As far as I’m concerned, there is no act in the world that requires more inner strength than the act of forgiveness. Nothing at all.
Don’t believe me?
Let’s say that your significant other cheated on you and gave you an incurable STD, or your babysitter severely burned your toddler because she left him unattended while she was messing around on Facebook, or your coworker spread a vicious lie about you that was believed by your boss and it ended up getting you fired and destroying your career.
Let’s be real, would it beeasyfor you to show forgiveness in any of those situations? If so, you’re officially a better person than I am.
Forgiveness, in many cases, is hard as hell and it requires near super-human strength to do it well.
Even though the examples above are pretty extreme, many of us struggle with forgiving much lesser acts, don’t we?


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