is life a blessing, a curse or just meaningless

ife could be a gift to others and could be a curse to some.

everyone’s had different experiences.
There are people who don’t want to live because they’ve been persecuted against or raped, for such people,life is curse.

And there are people who enjoy every day because theire parents are billionaires who buy them whatever they want.
To them,life is a blessing.

To me, life is pointless
Why is reality pointless?
It just happened to happen and there’s no end meaning to it, nothing of benefit, or anything.

because everything we do is a waste of time, all we can do are meaningless and pointless things, which causes irritation.

Living a meaningless life is a waste of time. Doing anything is a waste of time. Because of this, I’m personally irritated every second of the day. I’m also disgusted by everything because it is just so messed up. I’m upset that there’s nothing I can do to fix it. There is no solution to solving this pointlessnes

life was indeed pointless.
, now i dont worry about anything, i dont stress, .. because i dont want to be addicted to misery any more.

From here, many humans tried to find a purpose to life as they just couldn’t deal with it. People tried to explain the universe, tried to make themselves believe that when they died they would continue to exist and have a purpose and be happy… also people tried to keep others inline.
Well, all of these factors led to many delusional members of humanity. As technology and thinking progresses, there are less and less religious people and more and more people who come to think in the original terms that life is pointless. Most people don’t find life as a curse. I only find life as a curse because I can’t stand wasting my time and I’m irritated by illogical things. The mere act of living is illogical to me -.-… you go through all of this trouble


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