when your God is insulted

God exists at a level that is beyond the need for human defense. If man claims to defend god, then that speaks of either alack of beliefin the omnipotence of god or a misplaced sense ofvanityin ones’ relation with god.
Your relationship with your god is truly a personal matter for you. You have no right to impose it on others, or question one’s relationship with their god. God is similar to our parents. We don’t compare parents. Do we?
When your god is being insulted, this is the ultimate test your own faith in god. And when you respond by immediately passing normative judgment and hating another human being, you are failing to acknowledge the cracks in the faith within your own heart. This is an internal insecurity that has nothing to do with the actions and practices of others.You are at fault!
Isn’t the struggle offaith, a faith within,a private and internal affair that has nothing to with your neighbor?
Think about it….


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