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if you love him, you must quarel with him

Mr edoho

You don’t know him or her until there is a quarrel. A quarrel tests character. Knowledge grows from disagreement. Love is a deeper knowledge of your partner. It is not just the romantic feeling, it is the feeling of tolerance, the feeling of acceptance and understanding.

A quarrel reveals weakness. It displays maturity.
A quarrel creates a platform for t
he woman to submit and the man to show love.
Don’t run away from confrontation. A confrontation will give you revelation. To walk away or to continue becomes clearer. Too much quarrel that ends with physical abuse is a danger sign. It is saying , ‘Quit!’

A quarrel creates room for patience. And patience is a virtue that can sustain a relationship. Any relationship.

An engaged couple came for counseling. They were preparing for marriage. The Pastor asked, “How are things going?”
“Great”, they said enthusiastically.
“Really?” the pastor asked.
“Yes”, the couple chorused.
“Have you had any quarrel? Any disagreement?”
The woman responded, “No o. It has been wonderful all the way”. And both stared at each other with a smile.

The pastor nodded his head. “No ,that is not good at all. I can’t wed you both”
“Why?” the lady asked.
“Go and have a quarrel. Disagree on something. Hurt yourself and see how much you can forgive yourselves. See how you can disagree to agree. Your courtship is too good to be true”.
The fight is important. It test your compatibility. But you must fight fair. I am not talking about throwing insults at each other or physical assault. I am talking about disagreements.

Marriage is not for two perfect people. It is for two imperfect people who seek to make their marriage perfect. They work hard to make sure that they are together. They have a deep understanding for each other because they realize that they are both fragile, human. And so they look up to God


I Like A Woman With A Sense Of Humor Who Isn’t Funnier Than I Am

Yeah, I said it was important to find a partner with a “sense of humor” on the internet, but you didn’t think that that applied in real life, did you? What I meant to write was someone with a sense of humor that kind of only interests me. You know, like “girl funny.” Like, the kind of funny where you get drunk too fast, or say something dumb about cars. Not like “charmingly funny.” Not the kind of funny that captivates the attention of the room. Because if the room is looking at you, then who is looking at me? Do you get what I’m saying?

I’m not doing it for my ego! That’s crazy. I just need to be the dominant force in a conversation. What if there were more people here, or it was a group of you, and two other girls, and just me, and you all were talking and I didn’t know anything about the subject. Do you know how low that would make me feel? Do you understand how powerless I felt when I didn’t have a joke to put on top of the joke you told that waiter? Just cut off my balls right now, you know?


I don’t want to change your whole personality, but if we’re hanging out together, or you’re on your own, just try to consider me. If you’re at a bar with your friends, and you happen to attract the attention of strangers, male or female, that think you’re hilarious, keep it to yourself, okay, babe?

10 Reasons You Should Go Naked NOW

Nudity is natural. We were born that way and as much as possible, we should roam that way. If you live in a northern climate you only get 3 months per year but if you are in the southern region of the United States, your naked time increases. Take advantage of it. H
ere are 10 reasons why you should go naked right now.

1. Naked People Have More Fun
Seriously, folks, can you really have a bad time when voluntarily nude? No. The more you are naked the more you will be comfortable with your own body. the more you will know your own body. The psychological benefits of living in the nude are enormous.

2. Clothes
This might sound backwards but by increasing skin time you increase the fun of clothes time. It won’t be about hiding bad feature on your body, rather, celebrating the features on your body. It’s not about fitting into the latest style, it’s about enhancing the style that is unique to you.

3. Penis Size, Breast Size
Males worry about the size of their penises. If you think Aboriginal tribes men walk around worrying about the size of their penises, you are wrong. Women worry about the size of their milk sacs. If you think Aboriginal women walk around worrying about the size of their breasts, you are wrong. These mentalities are a cancer perpetuated by a marketing culture that profits from insecurities. Your penis is awesome. Your boobs are great. Start showing it off.

4. You will be healthier
Mentally for sure you will be healthier. But the benefits of being physically aware of all aspects of your body should not be lost. I often get a belly. And my ass can balloon to sizes unfitting for my form. By going nude more often, I will notice this before I have to watch a Richard Simmon’s month long marathon. Yes, I like to sweat to the oldies…but not because I HAVE to.

5. Vitamin D
More than anything else humans are seriously lacking in the amount of Vitamin D our bodies need. We our outdoor creatures, yet spend most of it indoors. We are naked beings, yet spend the little bit of outside time clothed. Take advantage of the sun and your skin and cut down on the vitamin D pills.

Living in Brazil, I know somebody who actually grew up in the Amazon Rain Forest. His land was taken over by business men of some type and he was displaced. I’ve never seen him wear shoes. I’ve seen him kick broken glass bottles out of his way on the street. His feet seem more flat and much tougher. This is how we should be and we would be healthier for it. Barefoot running helps to lower the risk of Alzheimer’s in adults. Barefoot walking or running helps in vital stimulation of our brain. The stimulation, which is created in the sole of the foot encourages our brain to boost more neuron connections. It also helps to increase brain flexibility

7. Be A Kid Again (#freethenipple)
My toddler loves to be nude. She loves to play in the sand nude. She loves to fart my my face, while nude. She just loves to be naked. It breaks my heart to think that soon she will have to cover her nipples because women’s bodies have been exploited as digitized sex toys. The #freethenipple campaign is real and let’s hope women’s nipples can be free again.
8. Improve Fertility
Many men might be afraid of improved fertility but it is indicative of overall health. Wearing underwear and jeans can reduce sperm count and lead to other issues by killing nerve receptors.

9. Be Your Own Club
You don’t have to joint a nudist colony. You don’t have to engage in sex orgy’s. You don’t even have to be a hippy. Nudity is not weird. I love clothes. I like privacy. But I also like the option of saying, “Not today!” Start walking around nude and maybe your partner will join in on the fun. And yes, It will lead to more fun.

10. It’s not Perverted
Perversion happens as a result of wearing clothes. Because we don’t see the naked bodies of others, when we do it triggers sexual appetites. If nudity, such as women’s nipples, were more common it would be no big deal. Nudity is the opposite of perversion. It is only through a truly twisted society that the opposite it true.

Written by guest contributer Jesse Herman of Powerful Primates

God Bless You


Common Sense

How can I get people to stop saying “God bless you” after I sneeze?

I’m serious. Any suggestions?

I’m so sick of being blessed on a daily basis but society has made it rude not to say “bless you” after someone sneezes and so I get to hear it. All the time. What’s worse is I feel obligated to say, “Thank you” in response because, again, society has decided that it is rude not to.

I know that most people obviously aren’t saying it in a religious sense (anymore), more as a knee-jerk reaction to a sometimes startling bodily function, but I can’t seem to get over the religiosity of it.  Why can’t we follow the norms of non-English speaking cultures that wish health on someone when they sneeze? The Germans say, “Gesundheit” which means health, the Spanish say, “Salud” which means health and even the Irish say, “Sláinte” which means…

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A Note On Friendship

what realy is friendship?

The Dad Letters

Dear Eleanor and Wesley,

I will only claim two things about Friendship: I don’t understand it and every time I thought I did, it changed. I’ve had a lot of folks whom I have called friends over the years. Some of them were certainly close friends. I’ve even been lucky enough to have a few I would call best friends. There was David in Kansas who introduced me to Saturdays packed dawn to dusk with reading Goosebumps books and playing Street Fighter II.  There was Zach, whose car stereo pumped Incubus at levels certain to destroy our hearing long before his crashing cymbals and mad drum fills ever did. There was David, who took me across the street to the best patio in Tempe and bought me my first beer at midnight on my 21st birthday. I could go on, but by this point you’ve wandered into your own recollections…

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when your God is insulted

God exists at a level that is beyond the need for human defense. If man claims to defend god, then that speaks of either alack of beliefin the omnipotence of god or a misplaced sense ofvanityin ones’ relation with god.
Your relationship with your god is truly a personal matter for you. You have no right to impose it on others, or question one’s relationship with their god. God is similar to our parents. We don’t compare parents. Do we?
When your god is being insulted, this is the ultimate test your own faith in god. And when you respond by immediately passing normative judgment and hating another human being, you are failing to acknowledge the cracks in the faith within your own heart. This is an internal insecurity that has nothing to do with the actions and practices of others.You are at fault!
Isn’t the struggle offaith, a faith within,a private and internal affair that has nothing to with your neighbor?
Think about it….