Credentials VS potentials

What a nice article from that african kid



When in school, we got free money and all we thought of just getting that top notch job that spins our world. Then, I felt every musician, even though successful, was a product of dull academic brain, or over-hyped talent. So when I heard Wizkid and Davido were out of school to face music, Ilaughed. This laughter covered everyone in the entertainment industry. Basically everyone who dropped out to face a passion or talent.

I’ve been in the real world for a while. My definition of real world is “the world where you solely call your shots”. The world where you might consider others, but it’s about you; where you have to pay your bills; the one in which no one can point fingers elsewhere but at you for your actions. In short, the world where money and fulfillment is priority.

Let’s get to the gist. Education seems over rated…

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