Why Sticking To A Specific Religion Doesn’t Make Sense

I think the issue of “I am ‘catholic’, I am an ‘anglican’ , I am a ‘muslim’. It all doesn’t make sense to me. As a matter of fact, it’s more likely that if you were born in a certain area, you would have a tendency to be of a certain religion. So if you were born in Japan, you would be a Buddhist, if Mama Phina happened to be your mother, you would be a traditionalist, if you were born in Miami or Las Vegas, then you would be a secularist.
So, I take on the analogy of a computer: You never hear a computer identify with a specific program and shout out loud: “Oh I am a Web-browser” or “I am a word-processor” or “I am an excel spreadsheet.”
All these programs can be loaded up without any interference to the one that’s currently running. In the same way, religion to me, is like a software. I can load up the software of a Buddhist, I can load up the software of an atheist. I can load up the software of a muslim or go back and load up that of a catholic. I can also install and uninstall different softwares

“What’s my religion?” That question does not make sense to me. Religion is not my identity, religion is not who I am, religion is what I do. Perhaps I am Born-Again, because that’s a lifestyle, that’s the life of the god-nature in you. And all my life, I believe we are all small gods born to a big God since we are his children.
Again, I can wake up and pray from anywhere, whatever Church is near, whatever day feels more convenient. It doesn’t even have to be Sunday, because as most of as know, it was the Sun-god who was worshiped on that day, God should be worshiped on every day.
Time to load up some Buddhism software and do some meditation. When my business fails, I load up the software of an Atheist and I am able to take 100% responsibility. So if you see me in your Church, don’t judge me!!!
For now, this question won’t make sense to me: “What religion are you?” At least ask me “What religion do you do for a living?” I do Buddhism, I do Christianity etc Now that makes sense.


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