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Open Letter to the Nigerian People… about PDP and the APC. (Guest Post)

A letter to pdp and AC

Unsolicited Advice

When one thinks of the needless pains and troubles that the majority of the citizens of a fortunate nation like Nigeria have gone through and still going through, it is easy to conclude on many things: failed leadership, foolish followership, flawed systems, weak institutions or in the words of an area uncle, ‘appalling fiasco’. These may sound like an uncomplimentary view of an ambitious nation seeking to be among the world’s top economies by the year 2020 but the virtuous Nigerian in me – as opposed to the incurable optimist,  –does see it as that. The truth is that many people, citizens and foreigners, see it in different light depending on which side of the prism they are looking at and many may agree with me that the sparkles of light that seemed to bring any ray of hope have been but evanescent shooting stars: short-lived.

What exactly is the…

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Credentials VS potentials

What a nice article from that african kid



When in school, we got free money and all we thought of just getting that top notch job that spins our world. Then, I felt every musician, even though successful, was a product of dull academic brain, or over-hyped talent. So when I heard Wizkid and Davido were out of school to face music, Ilaughed. This laughter covered everyone in the entertainment industry. Basically everyone who dropped out to face a passion or talent.

I’ve been in the real world for a while. My definition of real world is “the world where you solely call your shots”. The world where you might consider others, but it’s about you; where you have to pay your bills; the one in which no one can point fingers elsewhere but at you for your actions. In short, the world where money and fulfillment is priority.

Let’s get to the gist. Education seems over rated…

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Investing in your Spouse

Spending on ones patner


Jeez, some people are stingy. Stingy financially and with material things. I’m not even talking of those who analyse if you are worth being given a gift or there about; i’m talking of those whose default setting never give.

Ok, lets polish this a little, and streamline it to couples/ lovers/ those in relationships.
While my school of thought may not be the best idea, I can argue its not wrong.

When you spend on your spouse, especially while dating, I see it as investing. Primarily, it has 2 major effects :
* you tend to appreciate this person more, and when the chips are down, you consider how much you have invested,and this makes you fight for this person. Do you let go of an expensive clothing item easily? When your friends want to obtain it, don’t you give every manner of excuse? Or hide it when you know…

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she cheated and is happy about it

Diary of Spencer White

This past weekend, I did something I thought I was never capable of doing. I had sex with another man who wasn’t my husband. Yes, you read right. The best part about it is that I feel great *dancing*. I thought I’d hate myself for doing it. But I don’t. I thought I’d regret it. But I don’t. I thought I’d feel some guilt. But I don’t. In fact I can’t wait to meet my lover again. Once again – *dancing*.

I love my husband, don’t get it twisted. He’s the father of my four children. We have been together for 23 years. But you see, he was never a faithful man. Not from the first day. He cheated when we dated. He cheated when we got married. In fact, he has another baby by another woman. A love child he had while we were married. I stayed. I never cheated. He slept with a friend. I stayed, I never cheated. He slept with 6 of his female staff, I stayed I never cheated. He slept with so many random women, I stayed, I never cheated. He even slept with our neighbour, I stayed, I never cheated. Then he said something

You see, I saw a text on his phone which he sent to one of his lovers. The lady had apparently had an abortion for him and she was threatening to contact me to tell me about their affair and guess what my husband told her?

‘even if my wife catches me on top of you on our marital bed, she will ask us to continue, go into the kitchen make my dinner and still make love to me that same night on that same bed so please feel free to contact her. She’s not going anywhere”

You see, he’s wrong! His cheating affects me. For 23 years I have had to endure his constant philandering. My husband is rich so the women are plenty. I have cried, I have pleaded, I have threatened but it never stopped. And he thinks I’m okay with it. He thinks I am not going anywhere. Oh but he’s wrong. I am going somewhere alright. To another man’s bed.

I’m stuck with this man, 23 years and four children. And I love him with my life. But I’m done being the wife he thinks will catch him on our marital bed and give him a standing ovation. He wants to cheat? Well, two can play that game. After 23 years, I try now? I feel so liberated. I can’t wait to meet my lover this weekend again. The last time what ur take on this issue

Bible vs Quran—Test Your Knowledge of Who Deserves Death in Which Religion

Spot the religion of war


quran vs bible 2The world has watched in horror while members of ISIS justify the next mass murder or icy execution with words from the Quran, followed by shouts of Allahu Akbar—God is the greatest! If beliefs have any power whatsoever to drive behavior—and as a psychologist I think they do—there can be little doubt that the Quran’s many endorsements of violence play a role in how exactly ISIS has chosen to pursue religious and political dominion.

At the same time, it should be equally clear a sacred text filled with violence is insufficient to trigger mass brutality unless other conditions are present as well. Culture, empathy, education and empowerment—and other factors that scholars understand only in part—appear to have a protective influence, safeguarding even most fundamentalists against the worst teachings of their own tradition. We know this in part because the Bible contains commandments and stories that are as horrific as…

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Why Sticking To A Specific Religion Doesn’t Make Sense

I think the issue of “I am ‘catholic’, I am an ‘anglican’ , I am a ‘muslim’. It all doesn’t make sense to me. As a matter of fact, it’s more likely that if you were born in a certain area, you would have a tendency to be of a certain religion. So if you were born in Japan, you would be a Buddhist, if Mama Phina happened to be your mother, you would be a traditionalist, if you were born in Miami or Las Vegas, then you would be a secularist.
So, I take on the analogy of a computer: You never hear a computer identify with a specific program and shout out loud: “Oh I am a Web-browser” or “I am a word-processor” or “I am an excel spreadsheet.”
All these programs can be loaded up without any interference to the one that’s currently running. In the same way, religion to me, is like a software. I can load up the software of a Buddhist, I can load up the software of an atheist. I can load up the software of a muslim or go back and load up that of a catholic. I can also install and uninstall different softwares

“What’s my religion?” That question does not make sense to me. Religion is not my identity, religion is not who I am, religion is what I do. Perhaps I am Born-Again, because that’s a lifestyle, that’s the life of the god-nature in you. And all my life, I believe we are all small gods born to a big God since we are his children.
Again, I can wake up and pray from anywhere, whatever Church is near, whatever day feels more convenient. It doesn’t even have to be Sunday, because as most of as know, it was the Sun-god who was worshiped on that day, God should be worshiped on every day.
Time to load up some Buddhism software and do some meditation. When my business fails, I load up the software of an Atheist and I am able to take 100% responsibility. So if you see me in your Church, don’t judge me!!!
For now, this question won’t make sense to me: “What religion are you?” At least ask me “What religion do you do for a living?” I do Buddhism, I do Christianity etc Now that makes sense.