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I expose body parts; my name is Miniskirt.

Confession of miniskirt


My name is miniskirt/dress. I was born in ancient Greek.  Fighters and slaves were my first owners. My popularity peaked in the ‘swinging London’ of the 1960. Before then, I was only seen in sport clothing, such as the one worn by female tennis players, figure skaters and cheer leaders. There was this time Venus Williams wore a transparent me, that was one of my proudest moments. My task of exposing parts was highly amplified.

In 1970s, I was edged out by longer skirts named midi and maxi. And a journalist by the name Christopher booker tried to explain my exit. He said that there was nowhere else to go; I have gone high enough and transformed girls into throw away plastic objects. I was distraught, depressed and annoyed at the same time. I tried to remain resolute to the insults and hating that was flying all over. Though in…

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funny pastors

1. Pastor mobbed by congregation after a visiting Japanese member identified his “’speaking in tongues’” as the Japanese National Anthem.

2. Megachurch pastor says Obama reelection begins the reign of the antichris

. I love how you can look at a pastor and almost guess what translation of the Bible he is going to read from!

. Why does my pastor tell me that my treasure is in heaven, while his own private jet, mansion and investments are on earth?”

. What’s the difference between senior pastorand a youth pastor? One is father,richer and dresses better than the other


1. A man of God is not God, he is a man: Unfortunately, we treat our men of God as if they are spirits who don’t live in human body. What do we expect when we saddle them with our numerous issues. Unfortunately, many are not wise to say no to church members whose lives will continue if they drop dead. Church members have academic, financial, and even marital problems, they go to the pastor as if the man is built to solve every problem and in our quest to prove that we are superstars, we also fail to embrace the use of professionals who are trained in these things because of our hidden fear of respect. What stops a man of God who knows his marriage is in danger to take a back seat and allow a church member whose marriage is a model take a message on a Sunday that marriage is meant to be discussed? You are not built to solve every problem

Anointing does not give immunity to divorce: The same way anointing doesn’t give immunity to s*xual sins, it doesn’t also give immunity to divorce. It takes more than anointing to make a marriage work. I have seen the people we refer to as unbelievers build a fantastic marriage why I have also seen loads of tongue-talking believers make a shipwreck of theirs. The most important ingredient to build a winning marriage isn’t prayers, it is knowledge and if you don’t have it, you can’t pray it in. I tell people that your anointing wouldn’t stop you from sleeping with church members if you have a s*x problem. If you position yourself around babes consistently in the name of “My daughter in the lord” and you don’t draw a critical line, it is only a matter of time. Every counselor needs a counselor and every pastor needs a pastor who may not necessarily be title carrying person because the problem with us is that in this part of the world, we believe that a laity isn’t anointed as long as he doesn’t pastor a large church. If you are beating your wife, don’t pretend you don’t have a problem, you need to get help from a psychologist or psychiatrist