university education is hyped

For ages, there has been a great belief that university education is undoubtedly the prerequisite for success in all parts of our life. The facts, however, in our world still reveal to us that it is not of such importance indeed. Success would be attributed to many other factors.

Where did we find those successful men or women in the past, when university had not ever existed? They achieved success not by receiving such holistic education of university, but by diligence and likely they were talented when born. Masters of all kinds, like Leonardo Da Vinci in arts, Beethoven in music, Charles Dickens in literature, were able to succeed from unfavorable backgrounds still without much education. It illustrates that university education does not mean everything for achievement. Back to now, we can see Leung Kwok Hung, better known as Long Hair, finally gets the support of the mass for a seat at Legislative Council. His background is not even that of a Form 7 graduate. In sprite of this, he succeeded by devoting so much of his life to the pursuit of democracy in Hong Kong with his undeniable enthusiasm. He did set an encouraging ­­­­­example for those who failed to get eligibility to university.

Even if you are enrolled in a university, it means far less than a visa to success. In the old days, absorbing academic and professional knowledge could adequately entitle the students a good, well paid job, a professional occupation, and even fame, probably due to the less prevailing and holistic education. With the rapid developments in the past decades, our world is colorfully filled with many industries, much more kinds of ideas and beliefs. Most important of all, humans become so intelligent that many can still survive the world without professional knowledge and skills. For instance, many university graduates in Hong Kong complain about having failed in job interviews. Employers no longer favour ‘book worms’, but those who are able to master the complicated social relations with their colleagues and patrons.Worse still, confronted with the economic downturn and the numerous so-called ‘university graduates’ hunting for a good pay, the university can now just guarantee you a shelter, but not a future, not to mention success.
It sounds shattering to those who put high hopes on university education, but the truth is that university education affects not so many aspects of life. Many people regard building a perfect family, or helping children in the third world survive, or gaining fame in their professional fields as a sign of success. For the pursuit of those achievements, university education would mean inadequate. What you need are mostly social skills to get along with people, enthusiasm, or adherence to the success aimed at.
In pursuit of fame, one can be a singer, a politician or a privileged businessman; Virtually a 7-year secondary education can already train a person to be mature and sensible enough for further self-learning and to realize his dream of success if he is determined. The University is just a well-tailored environment for professional pursuit.
It is nonsense to narrow our eyes focusing on university education lamentably for our future. Success means not all the same for different people, and always leaves us different ways to achieve. Lift is just like a maze. When there is a will, there is a way out for success


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