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university education is hyped

For ages, there has been a great belief that university education is undoubtedly the prerequisite for success in all parts of our life. The facts, however, in our world still reveal to us that it is not of such importance indeed. Success would be attributed to many other factors.

Where did we find those successful men or women in the past, when university had not ever existed? They achieved success not by receiving such holistic education of university, but by diligence and likely they were talented when born. Masters of all kinds, like Leonardo Da Vinci in arts, Beethoven in music, Charles Dickens in literature, were able to succeed from unfavorable backgrounds still without much education. It illustrates that university education does not mean everything for achievement. Back to now, we can see Leung Kwok Hung, better known as Long Hair, finally gets the support of the mass for a seat at Legislative Council. His background is not even that of a Form 7 graduate. In sprite of this, he succeeded by devoting so much of his life to the pursuit of democracy in Hong Kong with his undeniable enthusiasm. He did set an encouraging ­­­­­example for those who failed to get eligibility to university.

Even if you are enrolled in a university, it means far less than a visa to success. In the old days, absorbing academic and professional knowledge could adequately entitle the students a good, well paid job, a professional occupation, and even fame, probably due to the less prevailing and holistic education. With the rapid developments in the past decades, our world is colorfully filled with many industries, much more kinds of ideas and beliefs. Most important of all, humans become so intelligent that many can still survive the world without professional knowledge and skills. For instance, many university graduates in Hong Kong complain about having failed in job interviews. Employers no longer favour ‘book worms’, but those who are able to master the complicated social relations with their colleagues and patrons.Worse still, confronted with the economic downturn and the numerous so-called ‘university graduates’ hunting for a good pay, the university can now just guarantee you a shelter, but not a future, not to mention success.
It sounds shattering to those who put high hopes on university education, but the truth is that university education affects not so many aspects of life. Many people regard building a perfect family, or helping children in the third world survive, or gaining fame in their professional fields as a sign of success. For the pursuit of those achievements, university education would mean inadequate. What you need are mostly social skills to get along with people, enthusiasm, or adherence to the success aimed at.
In pursuit of fame, one can be a singer, a politician or a privileged businessman; Virtually a 7-year secondary education can already train a person to be mature and sensible enough for further self-learning and to realize his dream of success if he is determined. The University is just a well-tailored environment for professional pursuit.
It is nonsense to narrow our eyes focusing on university education lamentably for our future. Success means not all the same for different people, and always leaves us different ways to achieve. Lift is just like a maze. When there is a will, there is a way out for success


should porn be totally banned?

there ’s no reason for all men to put down their porn simultaneously. In that regard, it’s a vice like any other vice – fun in moderation, dangerous when addicted. Many people drink socially without becoming alcoholics; for most, booze is a source of pleasure, not pain. So it goes with porn.

If a guy does it when he’s single and hasn’t had sex in awhile, it’s normal. If a guy does it when his girlfriend is out of town, it’s normal. If a guy does it within the context of a committed relationship because it’s exciting and kinky and gives him new ideas, it’s normal. If a guy does it during marriage because everyone has the right to maintain a little bit of a fantasy life without actually being unfaithful (that is viewing videos, not interacting with another person), it’s normal. Where it flips over, of course, is when it becomes an addiction that actually impacts his life or his partner’s life. Just like alcohol

To me, the answer is not prohibition, but moderation and self-awareness. Who should put porn down entirely? Men who are prone to addiction to it. Who can consume it socially? In my opinion? Pretty much everybody else.
Remember, you may not like porn, but you can’t ban it. You just have to trust that your guy can handle it in moderation.
Have you had a relationship derailed by porn use? Do you assume that because of the addicted guy that no man can use it in healthy moderation?

thank God for failure

1. Accept failure as part of life.Even when we try to insulate ourselves from the possibility of failure and live “safe” lives, failure can still find its way to us. Bad things happen in spite of our best efforts. Just accepting that fact can bring some peace. It happens to you. It happens to everyone.

2. Failure means you have the courage to try.If you are determined to succeed at everything, then please don’t try anything new. Stick with the status quo and the safety zone. But if you want to have a big, exciting, fulfilling life, embrace failure as a stepping stone leading you out of mediocrity. It’s just one stone on the path.

3. Failure teaches you something.There is always, always a lesson in failing. If it isn’t obvious right away, then choose to figure it out. You will learn a better way, a different direction, a new perspective. Think back on past failures and how you have grown from them. Don’t leave this precious gift behind in your efforts to reject and forget your failures.

4. Failure strengthens character.When you fail, you learn more than just how to do something differently. You learn about yourself. You might learn about humility, forgiveness, friendship, judgment, priorities, and values. Take advantage of the opportunity to grow in these areas and build your emotional intelligence and maturity.

5. You can become a mentor.When you strengthen your character and rise above a failure, you model for others how to cope and even thrive when something bad happens. You become a mentor for resilience and fortitude, teaching those around you how to behave in similar situations. You are serving others in a profound and meaningful way.

6. Failure stretches you.When the worst happens, you don’t have to fear it anymore. It’s happened and you are living it. Hey, it’s not as bad as you thought. You’re still alive. So maybe since falling on your face didn’t kill you, you might go ahead and try that other bold move you’ve been considering but have been too afraid to try. You already know what will happen if you fail, so what’s to lose?

7. Real friends emerge during failure.So you’ve lost your business, your marriage is falling apart, you blew that presentation, or you have a drinking problem. You’re friends and associates are scattering like startled cockroaches. Except for your real friends — the ones who love you for who you are. The ones who have faith in your inner wisdom and intelligence. If there is ever a time to really nurture your friends, this is it. These folks are the keepers.

8. Failures are often opportunities in disguise.Has this ever happened to you? You weren’t offered that promotion you’ve been wishing for, only to get a better job offer with more money a few weeks later. You lose a bunch of money with a bad investment, but your loss focuses you on more solid and profitable investment strategies. A relationship ends painfully, but you eventually meet your soul mate. Failures sometimes produce results that are better than the original plan.

9. Failure is sometimes intentional.There are times when our subconscious mind knows more about what we want or need than we are aware of. Sometimes we fail because it’s an escape route. Perhaps we are doing something because we feel trapped or obligated. If we sabotage the situation, then we can get out of it. Failure forces us to look this thing in the eye and ask the question, “Did I really want you to begin with?” The answer is often “no”. The truth can hurt, but it also can set us free.

10. Failure fosters creativity.Thomas Edison made 1000 unsuccessful attempts before inventing the light bulb. Winston Churchill was defeated in every public office until he became prime minister at age 62. Henry Ford failed and went broke five times before he succeeded. If you don’t allow failure to crush you, it will force you to develop creative solutions, building off what you learned through failure. Thomas Edison didn’t believe he failed 1000 times. He said, “The light bulb was an invention with 1000 steps.”
Like death and taxes, failure is going to happen. It may be hard initially to accept it as just another neutral life experience. However, by shifting your perspective, failure can be an experience that has much to offer, leading you to personal growth and eventual success.

why does the society judge us for being different

I am tired of the society, am tired of the judgmental eyes of the society. What does it want with me and why can’t it just leave me alone to live my life. Am certain am not the only one who feels this way cause my friends too have had some awkward experience where they are judged wrongly by the society.

The first case is probably put best by the statement, “Society is funny. They ask you to be yourself and yet they judge you.” How many itimes have people around you told you that, be yourself, be original, don’t be afraid to be? Then when you follow their advice they are the first on the scene pointing fingers. Just because the people there have always done something in a particular way, doesn’t make it the best way to do it nor does it make them normal, cause if you are acting normal are you being normal or are you just acting?

Society is always trying in some way to grind us down to a single flat surface, always doing its best to keep us in “check”, but if I may be so bold to quote the bible, ‘God created each man unique and no two people are equal in all aspects.’ Why then does society say different? It’s these things that limit the ability we have inside. Ask yourself this question, why is society so afraid of people moving away from the ‘normal’? OK I have to admit that statement also scares me a bit, I really don’t know why i just wrote that, but it’s worth a thought.

Then there are these standards that society has put on people, standards that we have to reach so as to be considered normal. Sorry for the language but that is , you were created to be different, why then do you try so hard to be normal? If we live according to others conditions, does it mean we are living our life or we are living their life?

She needs make-up to cover up because, society taught her who she is, isn’t enough. Am sorry if I sound to direct but that’s the truth. Dear insecure girls everywhere, you’re not ugly, society is ugly . Sincerely, The truth.
Then there is this popular concept about the cycle of life. It goes like, go to school, get a good education, go to college, get a good paying job,get married and guide the next generation in the same way.

Never try to break the cycle. If one is uneducated, he is abnormal. If one is unmarried at 36, she is abnormal.

. A majority of the great men in history never graduated, bills gate, Steve jobs and the list goes on, Einstein was considered slow in learning at a young age yet became one of the greatest minds to date.
Finally, we say society is messed up but we are society, so let the change begin with you, Society exists only as a mental concept;

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cry cry baby

The awkward moment when you are on the phone and that baby starts crying and i just stare at the baby.

Of course am not a girl but i think i should be able to silence them. Babies cant reason so they wont understand when not to cry.

So what do i do?

First, i say “shhhhhhhhhhhh6hhhhhhhhhh” then i go to babys ear and shout shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

secondly, i become a musician. I sing to the baby.dont try this if ur voice is horrible.the kid would only cry more.


carry the baby to my chest region. It doesnt matter if i have a breast o not. The baby will be expected to be breastfed and will keep mute. The poower of breast