Letter to God II


Angeldee Blog

Dear God,

Writing to You appears more real
Than what human beings call ideal
So many questions on the queue
Free-flowing-thoughts without a cue

My heart can take the aches no more
My legs have brought me to Your door
I’m in a crowd yet feel alone
I would have called, You have no phone.

I am the brave entrapped in cave
Deprived of all You gladly gave
This is to tell You how I feel
In my world nothing seems real.

Birth and death you made good friend
One to start and one to end
Is this design to check us all?
I wonder why we always fall.

Why does this heart of mine grow sick?
Is it because my love they kick?
Why is the TRUTH in no man’s land?
LIES the world has made a brand.

I’m feeling sick, Oh Dear God!
I have been beaten with…

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