Naija fights ebola, egypt fight atheist

Minister of Religious Endowments Mohamed Mokhtar Gomaa approved a plan that was prepared by several scholars, sociologists and psychiatrists to confront atheism.
The measure aims to raise awareness among Egypt’s youth of the dangers of atheism on morals, beliefs and nationalism.
The plan also entails answering the misconceptions of atheists through workshops, social media and a hotline that offers support to atheists and their families.
The project will be supervised through a committee of Al-Azhar scholars

The plan aims to confront the atheistic “phenomenon” by making the youth aware of the danger it poses for religion, morality, and patriotism. Part of the plan also consists of “curing” atheists psychologically, religiously, and socially

In addition, the scheme focuses on collecting and studying all precedent cases made by atheists and proving them wrong, giving obligatory training by experts in psychiatry, sociology, and Islamic jurisdiction, and training university students and young ex-atheists to take part in the oppositional phenomenon. Other plans include “preventive” campaigns for youth and targeting atheism from its core roots and popular areas of expansion. A training program forimamsand youth who wish to take part in this initiative is also part of the plan.
A Facebook page under the name of the “”- which roughly translates to “using rationality” – a slang phrase used to invite people to reconsider and think matters through – will be created to serve as a public form of communication with youth. The aim behind the page is to provide a platform for questions by atheists, and also agnostics, to be answered and to provide methods of assistance for their family members to use


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