is nigeria a poor nation?

In many poor countries, the government is corrupt, which is why the countries are poor. (l)
*.Famine is widespreadin many poor countriestoday. There are about 800 million people who have to sleep hungry every night. (l)
*.The obesity epidemic is now spreading rapidlyin many poor countries. One consequence is the global increase in hypertension (l)
*.In many poor countries, virtually everything is for sale. (l)

In many poor countries, most young girls, regardless of age, are forced to demonstrate their fertility once they are married (l)
*.In many poor countries, the cost of sex with a prostitute is abysmally low;

.in many poor countrieslike Nigeria, life is very cheap (l)
*.In many poor countries, governments give men the power to feel superior (l)
*.in many poor countries, leaders are incapable of overcoming the collective action problem: they lack the means for creating vital public goods (l)
*.In many poor countriesthere is one dominant party responsible for making decisions. (l

In many poor countriesthere is one dominant party responsible for making decisions. (l)
*.Butin many poor countries, the formal legal system does not serve anyone well, is feared for its corruption, arbitrariness, and use of torture (l)
*.In many poor countries, however, governments lack either the financial resources or the political will to provide each child with a basic education (l)‎
*.In factin many poor countrieslike Malawi and Zambia, AIDS is killing

In many poor countries, including many Muslim countries, income growth is low (l)
*.Public expenditurein many poor countriesis enormously dependent on a continued flow of aid. (l)
*.The sad truth, however, is that such accountability triangles are not efficiently operationalin many poor countries. (l)
*.Yetin many poor countriestoo much of this potential is presently being lost because so many students drop out of school so early (

In many poor countriesand communities, marrying off a daughter relieves a family of an extra mouth to feed. (l)
*.In many poor countries, people who can do all those things can be found only in the top echelons of government or business. It is easy to see where this leads.

Is nigeria a poor nation?


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