being stupid

Being stupid is living a regret-free life.they enjoy to fail.
Stupid people arent scared of fairlures.they laugh at failures and attept more stupid acts.
If you want to do something that has never be done before,meet a stupid person with wierd imagination not the smart guy.

To be stupid is to be brave. To be courageous to take risk.brave enough to do what no one in their right sences would do.

a stupid person carries out his stupidity alone. A smart person hides behind the curtain of masses.

The stupid person know that trying something different is worse than not tryng anyway.

Stupidity is dropping out as 400level engineering student in
university inorder to join a rapping music label.
Yes, Charley-boy was considered,he is a rolemodel to many.

Stupidity is watching the dogs in action and immitating them in the bedroom. Yes, stupid persons invented the doggy style only for smart ones to follow.

Stupidity is looking at the birds of the air and trying to create a machine that will fly.

Stupid people fall in people dont.

Stupid people use their people use their head because head will always say no to stupid idea.


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