friendzone wahala

The world friendzoning isnt strange to anyone. What is rather strange is the issues surrounding the term

IF YOur answer is yes.then its obvious you are not a nice friend.
We all have various categories of friend ; buisness, personal, sexual etc. There are some friends i will never bring home,there are friends i would never have sex with.if you happen not to take u as sexual friend, so be it.
Some guys have their turn off, they would never date a certain kind of girl. Same goes for ladies

what happened to choice?the last time i checked,the friendzoned guy rendered his service voluntarily.she is not compelled to do anything for you. If you are after rewards,then you truly arent are friend

why the emphasis on sex. So you think the least or mist a girl can offer is sex. Girls have other values beside sex.Think again, girls are not Atm sex machine which u insert kindness card inside so she coughs out sex. Kindness to oppsite gender is not a buisness transaction.if you need sex, visit the nearest brothel.

Never date out of pity. Dont expect d girl to open her legs just to pity ur kind gesture.fact is girls are not sexually attracted to nice guys.if you wanna date her, stop being nice.

There are ladies who sleep with their male friends.they do it because they want to not because he is nice..
Make her want to sleep with u. As her close friend, u should know whatt turns her on sexually.try to win her.

Lastly, girlfrend is not higher than female friend. That sex is attached doesnt make it superior. most girls value their male friend more than boyfriend. It all depends on how the guy acts.


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  1. friends with no strings attached is better not friends with benefit


  2. I want to say thank you. You were the first reblogger of any of my articles. I wrote a post titled thank you and I acknowledged you in it. Thanks once again.


  3. Na so…they call it friendship with benefits..I believe in friendship with no strings attached and ‘friend’ should be friend and ‘lover ‘ lover..


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