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Religion: Helping Make Kids Less Rational



Why Parents Should Not Text :)




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is nigeria a poor nation?

In many poor countries, the government is corrupt, which is why the countries are poor. (l)
*.Famine is widespreadin many poor countriestoday. There are about 800 million people who have to sleep hungry every night. (l)
*.The obesity epidemic is now spreading rapidlyin many poor countries. One consequence is the global increase in hypertension (l)
*.In many poor countries, virtually everything is for sale. (l)

In many poor countries, most young girls, regardless of age, are forced to demonstrate their fertility once they are married (l)
*.In many poor countries, the cost of sex with a prostitute is abysmally low;

.in many poor countrieslike Nigeria, life is very cheap (l)
*.In many poor countries, governments give men the power to feel superior (l)
*.in many poor countries, leaders are incapable of overcoming the collective action problem: they lack the means for creating vital public goods (l)
*.In many poor countriesthere is one dominant party responsible for making decisions. (l

In many poor countriesthere is one dominant party responsible for making decisions. (l)
*.Butin many poor countries, the formal legal system does not serve anyone well, is feared for its corruption, arbitrariness, and use of torture (l)
*.In many poor countries, however, governments lack either the financial resources or the political will to provide each child with a basic education (l)‎
*.In factin many poor countrieslike Malawi and Zambia, AIDS is killing

In many poor countries, including many Muslim countries, income growth is low (l)
*.Public expenditurein many poor countriesis enormously dependent on a continued flow of aid. (l)
*.The sad truth, however, is that such accountability triangles are not efficiently operationalin many poor countries. (l)
*.Yetin many poor countriestoo much of this potential is presently being lost because so many students drop out of school so early (

In many poor countriesand communities, marrying off a daughter relieves a family of an extra mouth to feed. (l)
*.In many poor countries, people who can do all those things can be found only in the top echelons of government or business. It is easy to see where this leads.

Is nigeria a poor nation?

love/loneliness …,which hurts more

Everyone says love hurts, but that isn’t true. Loneliness hurts. Losing someone hurts. Envy hurts. Everyone gets these things confused with love, but in reality love is the only thing in this world that covers up all the pain and makes someone feel wonderful again.
Love is the ultimate exercise in trust. It means surrendering your fears and giving someone the power to destroy you but the trust in them not to. It isn’t love that hurts. The loss of love hurts. Someone building emotional walls of distance hurts. Losing the potential to love hurts.But love is the only thing in this world that doesn’t hurt. Which is why when we find it, we must do everything we can to protect it.

being stupid

Being stupid is living a regret-free life.they enjoy to fail.
Stupid people arent scared of fairlures.they laugh at failures and attept more stupid acts.
If you want to do something that has never be done before,meet a stupid person with wierd imagination not the smart guy.

To be stupid is to be brave. To be courageous to take risk.brave enough to do what no one in their right sences would do.

a stupid person carries out his stupidity alone. A smart person hides behind the curtain of masses.

The stupid person know that trying something different is worse than not tryng anyway.

Stupidity is dropping out as 400level engineering student in
university inorder to join a rapping music label.
Yes, Charley-boy was considered,he is a rolemodel to many.

Stupidity is watching the dogs in action and immitating them in the bedroom. Yes, stupid persons invented the doggy style only for smart ones to follow.

Stupidity is looking at the birds of the air and trying to create a machine that will fly.

Stupid people fall in people dont.

Stupid people use their people use their head because head will always say no to stupid idea.

Why i like chinese

Chinese is the most delightful language , thanks to it’s beautiful literalism. There is a finite amount of characters available in written Chinese, so instead of inventing new words as technology progresses, existing characters are combined newly. The results are fantastic.

What do you call an airplane?
Flying machine. 飞机
What do you call a cellphone?
Hand machine. 手机
What do you call a computer?
Electric brain. 电脑
What’s pollen?
Flower powder. 花粉

Sometimes I can guess how to say something by rewording it to something I know how to say. “How do you say to bloom?” I ask, then ponder the answer. “Kāihuā?” (开花, open flower) This time, I’m correct.
Sometimes there are simple combinations that express something I don’t know how to gracefully say in English: I just learned yǎnshéng, eye spirit— the emotions or personality conveyed by your eyes.

Sometimes the combinations make no sense at all, at least not to me:

pocket is 口袋, mouth bag.

This is probably why English auto-translated from Chinese is often an absolute (though comical) mess.
Even though it is very difficult to understand, and though I’m more or less completely illiterate, the literalism in Chinese keeps my language-learning process joyful.

What do you call a train?
Fire car. 火车 (think steam engine)

What do you call an hippopotamus?

River horse. 河马

What do you call a rhinoceros?
Sharp cow. 犀牛


friendzone wahala

The world friendzoning isnt strange to anyone. What is rather strange is the issues surrounding the term

IF YOur answer is yes.then its obvious you are not a nice friend.
We all have various categories of friend ; buisness, personal, sexual etc. There are some friends i will never bring home,there are friends i would never have sex with.if you happen not to take u as sexual friend, so be it.
Some guys have their turn off, they would never date a certain kind of girl. Same goes for ladies

what happened to choice?the last time i checked,the friendzoned guy rendered his service voluntarily.she is not compelled to do anything for you. If you are after rewards,then you truly arent are friend

why the emphasis on sex. So you think the least or mist a girl can offer is sex. Girls have other values beside sex.Think again, girls are not Atm sex machine which u insert kindness card inside so she coughs out sex. Kindness to oppsite gender is not a buisness transaction.if you need sex, visit the nearest brothel.

Never date out of pity. Dont expect d girl to open her legs just to pity ur kind gesture.fact is girls are not sexually attracted to nice guys.if you wanna date her, stop being nice.

There are ladies who sleep with their male friends.they do it because they want to not because he is nice..
Make her want to sleep with u. As her close friend, u should know whatt turns her on sexually.try to win her.

Lastly, girlfrend is not higher than female friend. That sex is attached doesnt make it superior. most girls value their male friend more than boyfriend. It all depends on how the guy acts.

Be Kind Anyway

Unconditional kindness

The Theory of the Non-Negotiables

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Crazy Stupid Love


My Inner Kenyan here with another courtesy post!

After going through what I would call a fairly traumatic breakup (but, let’s be honest, aren’t they all?), I was tasked by a local Navy Chaplain I was attending therapy with to do a lot of inner soul searching. He had told me from the very beginning that while he may never be able to fix the brokenness between me and my ex, he would put everything he had into fixing the brokenness within me. The goal was to make myself a better person to myself and for myself and, in doing so, make me a better person to and for others. To be honest, I went week after week only partially believing that he could heal me or that I could find it in me to heal myself.

What I came to realize, after months of weekly meetings with the Chaplain…

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If Allah doesn’t love me, I would have a job now.

If Allah doesn’t love me, I wouldn’t be able to feel what’s it like, being a job seeker.

If Allah doesn’t love me, I would feel arrogant andcomplete.I would use my qualification as reason to show my success towards those who are unemployed.

If Allah doesn’t love me, I would leave my parent’s house at the early age and left them with my siblings as that was my initial thoughts when I was still an undergraduate. But Allah guided me and guides me. He took away any job vacancy in the government sector and gave it to those who needed the post more than I do.

If Allah doesn’t love me, I wouldn’t understand the world of commercialization, advertisement, economic scale and marketing.

Being a job seeker for the past 3 years have taught me on how to survive and learn to extract money from people.

If Allah doesn’t love me, I would never have gotten to touch the abundance of profits laying in the world of business.

If Allah doesn’t love me, I would be lazy and just wait for the usual monthly salaries and the upcoming bonuses once or twice a year.
If Allah doesn’t love me, I would forever be the slave for the government.
If Allah doesn’t love me, I would borrow money from the bank. All sorts of attractive payment via installment on mortgages, car loans, property loans and any types of loans would eat my savings away.