pretending to love

Have you been in a relationship with someone u have no feelings for? Have you said “i loveyou” to one you dont even like?

I remember ten years ago as a teenager longing for a relationship. I was still in secondary school then.the girls i approached turned me down.
I had no choice but to settle for less.

I had a taste. Iwanted a tall, fair figure 8 lady.the ones i approached claimed to be taken. After a futile search,i noticed one girl who seems to be attracted to me. She was smallissh, skinny
and physically unattractive. I noticed her looking at me with my eagles eyes. One day,she whispered to my ear that she had swept the class for me while i was playing football. That act saved me from severe punnishment. I was happy with her and asked her out .she instantly accepted to be my girl.

I found myself dating someone i neither knew nor liked. She was a perfect description of “unconditional love”.she sat beside me during exam and opened her book so i could copy. She wrote assignments for me and ensured my notes were upto date.All these she did without asking for anything in return.

She was proud of me and told everyone i was dating her. She would hold my hands while walking together and introduce me to the world as her boyfriend.she openly told me i could taste her if i wanted. In as much as i wanted to have a girl, she wasnt sexually appealing. Her chest was as small as a maggi cube. Her ass was flat as iron.she was darker than i . To me , she was “ugly”

i had to pretend to like her due to her favors to me. I had to tell her “i love you” knowing i was lying deep inside.

It has been over ten years since we lost contact. I will never forget her as the girl who loved me while i pretended to . I have dated other girls but none loved me like she did.they all had their demands and expectation


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