So sick of sex

I’m sick of sex.
I’m sick of all the hype. I’m sick of all the discourse and discussion.

Sex is so overhyped. Everyone worrys about it. I’m sick of people constantly worrying about how its going to happen…with whom…and why.

Right from families, family members harbour sexual urge for each other. Open the newspapers and you see fathers rape their daughters after servicing the housemaid and having a child out of wedlock.

Take a walk late in the night and feed your eyes with ladies exposing all parts and begging for you to spend the night with them

Even in schools, beautiful dullards end up with more marks simply by excorting the professors to their office while “ugly” smart girls manage to pass after burning the midnight candle.

click Here for a lecture on sex

Ask your best friend for a loan and he denies having money. Let a lady open her legs and he spends five times that amount on her.

The best way to blackmail a man is set him up with a lady only to seduce him and threatning to expose video clips thereafter.
Various sex scandals in youtube and facebook

sex is seen as dimarkation between boys and wonder fifteen year old boy boast of how many ladies they have disvirgened

Go to the church and you hear pastor warning against it even when the reading is not related to it in any way.

Virginity is no longer seen as dignity but lack of opportunity. Even catholic priests are aggitating to get married and eat the fruit.

Go to national assembly and you hear legislators debating on prostitution,homosexuality and sex trafficking. Senators supporting child-sex
Soon,incest and bestality would be legalised as long as it is not rape.

HIV spread more due to sexual intercourse but condom is there to encourage more practice.

World cup has began and ghanians are thinking of how to supply sex to the black stars amidst the numerous prostitute brasil has.

Why is sex giving so much attention?


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