A group from New York called the Satanic Templehas raised more than $28,000 on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo to commission a bronze statue of Lucifer,the design of which has recently been released to the public. While many of the project’s backers are Satanists — as in, they worship Satan — the piece is actually intended to make a broader point

the statue would be placed on the same site where a monument representing the Ten Commandments was placed in 2012. The argumentation behind it is quite reasonable: if one religion can be represented on a government building site, then all religions should be able to do the same. Even if it is a bit provocative (being a clear test to see whether Oklahoma’s state government will uphold their principle of religious neutrality), there cannot rationally be an argument against agreeing to the Satanic Temple’s request.

And yet, the state is very actively struggling to find a reason to do just that. It will be interesting to find out how they will manage that within the confines the freedom and equality of religions.

., while a spokesman for the governor bluntly said that setting up the Satanic statue on the grounds will never happen.
According to Lucien Graves, spokesman for the Satanic Temple, the sculptor working in New York has not been identified, but has been commissioned by the Satanic Temple, which has raised more than $20,000 for the project. Greaves boasted, “We’re really coming along fast.”

The bronze statue will represent the Baphomet, or Sabbatic Goat, which has been commonly thought to represent Satan for hundreds of years. To make matters more disturbing, the statue has a smiling child on each knee.
The statue was first seen publicly on Vice. The Satanic Temple is attempting to prove that Oklahoma has a double standard by refusing the Satanic statue while accepting the monument of the Ten Commandments, which the state deemed was permissible because it was donated. The Oklahoma chapter of the ACLU had sued the state over its acceptance and placement of the monument.

Since the monument was erected, the state refused to give permits for other monuments.


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