no more no vernaIn 2004, Ade Bantu and his brother, Don Abi wrote and released a song titled “No More No Vernacular” The song was trying to address the Nigerian educational system that fines and punishes students whenever they are caught speaking in their native tongue, and I found myself singing along to this track anytime it was played on air then, because it reminded me of an event in my secondary school days back in the early 1990’s.

When I was in JSS 3, I was the class captain, and among my duties was updating the class time-table which was neatly written in columns and rows in coloured chalks by the side of the blackboard; the time-table sometimes would be changed or updated depending on the instruction from the Class teacher, but something that never changed or updated was the ‘law’ written by our class teacher in white chalk and in bold…

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