Me,myself and I


MY first post on my blog. I thought it would be appropriate to begin by saying a bit aboutmyself and the blog.

I am slightly crazy but psychologically fit. I am yet to be told am mad by a psychiatist doctor because am yet to visit one.

I adopted the name mumu-mugu from my friends.the guys call me mumu while ladies call me mugu.

I have lways being different from the rest right from birth.
I was told i stayed about eight months in my mums belly and i was born at home.

Since then,nothing about me has being normal. I failed where others passed.. I liked what others hate. I am in my middle twenteis 5ft 3 inches short and weigh 48kg-short and underweight. I have repeated school four times in secondary and thrice in primary hence the name -MUMU. My mates are already married while am still schooling.

Dont pity me.i love myself.i admire my mumuness and am proud of least i am better than those mumu who dont know that they are mumu.

Since this blog is owned by a mumu,dont expect any straight forward right thinking sensible messagee here. An orange tree cant yield mango fruits.if you happen to find my posts sensiible,then there is only one explanation- you are also a mumu.birds of a feather flock together.welcome to my mumuworld.


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