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Rules Of Engagement For Fighting On Facebook #Funny

How to fight on facebook

The Ghanaian Boy

What’s up with everyone?
I have noticed for a while now, that a lot of people are beefing on Social Media especially on my FB News feed. So today guys, we are just going to talk about the Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Fights and Facebook Scandals. I have been laughing out loud at the some of the guys beefing over who is more FB FAMOUS, Who is fake? and their supporters( friends) have joined in this craze..

Facebook Fight Rules:
1.If you are both girls and you decide to share stories of your beef and stupidity, please include people’s names. Whoever mentions names wins.
2. Make sure your Facebook profile picture is worth looking at. It is cute. (after we see the names of those fighting, we ALWAYS want to check out their picture).
3. Ensure that your spellings are correct and you do not abbreviate. If you write…

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Because when I go out to bars or clubs, I have to think about whether what I’m wearing is too suggestive, instead of putting on whatever I please.

Because I feel the need to apologize when I’m not wearing makeup or my hair hasn’t been washed, or when I’m generally looking anything other than flawless.


Because there was also nothing I could do when a man touched me inappropriately in the middle of a crowded street, his arm around his girlfriend. Because retaliating in the way I wanted to would have let to assault charges and jail – for me, not for him.

Because my then-boyfriend laughed when two men came up to me in a bar, asking, “Can we just look at your girlfriend for a second?” as if I was his property, something to be admired, not even a human being with thoughts and feelings.

Because I have to worry about low-cut tops or too-short dresses that aren’t “work appropriate,” and men don’t.

Because at family get-togethers, women are asked about weddings or babies far more often than they’re asked about career goals or major life achievements.

Because “thigh gaps,” thinspo blogs, airbrushing, plastic surgery, tabloid magazines, porn, Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues and breastaurants.

Because “She’s someone’s sister, mother, daughter, aunt, cousin, wife, girlfriend, lover, friend,” isn’t the right answer. “She’s a human being” is.

Because we get asked, “Why not?” and told, “You’ll change your mind,” if we say we don’t want to have children.

Because getting cat-called at while walking down the street at 8 a.m. is not a rare occurrence.

Because women are taught how to avoid being assaulted or harassed, rather than men being taught how to treat others with respect.

Because my ex-boyfriend described me as “the only smart girl he’d ever met” – and that’s why he had decided to date me, instead of just sleeping with me and tossing me aside with the other girls. Because he was surprised that I am smart.

Because we say, “I’m sorry” before saying we’re not interested.

Because “I have a boyfriend” is more effective than “I’m not interested.”

Because we are taught to keep an eye on our drink so no one drugs it.

Because we are so often not taken seriously when we choose to speak out, so millions of sexual assaults go unreported.

Because “feminism” is a dirty word.

Because when a woman is in an abusive relationship, people ask, “Why did you stay with him?”

Because a woman’s right to choose whether or not to be a mother is debated in courtrooms across the country, but a man can walk away from fatherhood anytime he chooses.

Because a smile is not an invitation.

Because buying me a drink does not create an obligation for me to sleep with you, or even talk to you beyond a polite “Thank you.”

Because my “no” should not result in a murderous rampage.

Because every single woman you have ever met – yes, every single woman – has been sexually harassed or abused.

Because you are not entitled to my body. Because my worth has nothing to do with how much I am physically desired by men.

Because not all men harass, abuse and mistreat women – but because of the ones that do, we live in fear.

Because I was afraid of writing this.


sex at work


sex_at_work_romance_officeSex is a part of nature and most times, we just go along with nature; however, how and where we go along with it, is something I’m talking about today.  I almost titled this post ‘Sexual harassment by your boss/colleague at work’ but I realized that the topic might narrow my approach, as sex in the office environment might not just be only about harassment, since workplace sex  just happen sometimes and willingly too – sometimes. But, looking at workplace and employees, I realized that there’s no way to absolutely prevent employees from becoming sexually attracted to each other and even acting on it even at the detriment of their jobs. Let’s check the scenarios below.

Shade was a new employee in one of the Nigerian new generation banks back in 2009, and alongside other young females employees, she was given targets to get deposits of a particular sum before…

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no more no vernaIn 2004, Ade Bantu and his brother, Don Abi wrote and released a song titled “No More No Vernacular” The song was trying to address the Nigerian educational system that fines and punishes students whenever they are caught speaking in their native tongue, and I found myself singing along to this track anytime it was played on air then, because it reminded me of an event in my secondary school days back in the early 1990’s.

When I was in JSS 3, I was the class captain, and among my duties was updating the class time-table which was neatly written in columns and rows in coloured chalks by the side of the blackboard; the time-table sometimes would be changed or updated depending on the instruction from the Class teacher, but something that never changed or updated was the ‘law’ written by our class teacher in white chalk and in bold…

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Psalm 23 for goodluck jonathan

The LORD Is My Shepherd
A Psalm for goodluck Jonathan.

1 The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not resign

2 He maketh me president after dismisal of my late president Musa Yaradua

he leadeth me to a successfull world economic forum despite boko haram threat


he leadeth me as most famous president in social media for his name’s sake.

4 Yea, though I walk through the Sambisa forest in search of chibok girls,

I will fear no bokokaram : for thou art with me;JONA
pastor Ayo Oritsejfor and Cardinal John Onaiyekan,they pray for me

5 Thou preparest a FEC meeting before me in the presence of northern and APC enemies.

thou weareth my legs with shoes;
my cup runneth over.

6 Surely NGOZI IWEALA AND Diezani MADUEKE shall follow me all the days of my tenure
and I will dwell in office of the presidency. TILL 2019.


8 reasons why you are a slave-yes you.



The moment we hear the word “slavery”, our mind thinks of blacks whose hands and feet are chained while being subjected to hardwork amidst beating. The truth is WE ARE ALL SLAVES.

The dictionary defines a slave as one forcefully bound in service to another. One notable characteristics of slaves are
(1)absence of choice
(2) money changes hand

here are the reasons


Getting married is chaning oneself to a patner. Brideprice is the money. The best way to stop being a slave to a patner is being single for life or freely cheating on your patner.

2) JOB

the synonym for the word employee is “slave”.your employer is your are the slave. Some slaves enjoy their punnishment. Others stop being a slave here,be your own boss.


Anyone who is affiliated to a particular religion has closed his mind to only belive the doctrine of that religion. All catholics are slaves to catholic church. All christians must belive in Jesus they never saw as long as a book commanded them to.

To escape, dont belive others.make your own doctrine and be willing to change free

When you see comments on any national economic or national security issues, you can trace the region, religion, tribe language and sometime even the state from which the person commenting came from.





ANYone who outrightly dismises an idea as invalid because scientistis yet to validate such claim is slave to scienceu



i met a 31year old lady who got married to a man he barely knows society is pressuring him to get married.
A nother friend of mine strugling to make ends meet used his life saving to buy a tablet just to feel among. As long as you blend to society preasure,you are a slave.

Dont let society dictate your your action for you.


any civil servant who condemns jonathan is a slave to him.
Govt increases tax at will,we have no choice but to pau.we are slaves.


as long as we are under the law.we are slaves to the law.we arre mandated to put on seatbelt or risk being pinnishd.

The worst kind ofslaveryi are slaves that dont realise that they are slaves.

Me,myself and I


MY first post on my blog. I thought it would be appropriate to begin by saying a bit aboutmyself and the blog.

I am slightly crazy but psychologically fit. I am yet to be told am mad by a psychiatist doctor because am yet to visit one.

I adopted the name mumu-mugu from my friends.the guys call me mumu while ladies call me mugu.

I have lways being different from the rest right from birth.
I was told i stayed about eight months in my mums belly and i was born at home.

Since then,nothing about me has being normal. I failed where others passed.. I liked what others hate. I am in my middle twenteis 5ft 3 inches short and weigh 48kg-short and underweight. I have repeated school four times in secondary and thrice in primary hence the name -MUMU. My mates are already married while am still schooling.

Dont pity me.i love myself.i admire my mumuness and am proud of least i am better than those mumu who dont know that they are mumu.

Since this blog is owned by a mumu,dont expect any straight forward right thinking sensible messagee here. An orange tree cant yield mango fruits.if you happen to find my posts sensiible,then there is only one explanation- you are also a mumu.birds of a feather flock together.welcome to my mumuworld.